SSC will be an immersive, content rich, dynamically variegated and intensive experience. Students will be training in the vibrant, fertile environment of professional Christian theatre. All aspects of SSC are designed to support and promote maturity in students both professionally and personally.

Students will be in class and or performing up to 10 hours a day, five days a week. Each week, students will train in acting, singing, dancing, and related classes such as speech, movement and sight reading. Throughout each quarter, SSC will provide a wide range of seminars and classes to promote a more expansive theatre training experience. Additionally, at the end of each semester, a student “showcase” based on coursework from that semester will be presented for faculty evaluation.

Student Life

A typical day at SSC might include a stage combat class, scene work on creating a character, a make-up seminar, a dance sectional rehearsal, and a performance of a Sight & Sound Millennium Theatre production. By design, SSC will expose students to a broad variety of experiences in their training, preferring multiple focused encounters with a wide range of subject matter, over a more exhaustive study of a few select topics. With this approach, students will have the opportunity to discover the overarching themes and guiding truths that permeate and motivate performing arts. The goal of SSC is for students to understand and embody the truly important values of professional performing arts, and be able to employ them with integrity and excellence.

A prominent portion of SSC's training will be the student's participation in Sight & Sound Theatre productions. This is where the practice of the classroom develops into the performance on stage. Students will have “hands on” experience and be evaluated in the three major areas of a professional stage production: the rehearsal period, backstage and daily preparation, and the performance.

As has been stated, SSC will be a very concentrated and immersive experience. This too will help the student prepare for the oftentimes rigorous demands of being a performing artist. However with this in mind, there will be no lab or classroom work scheduled for Sunday and Monday. Though it could be possible to seek part-time work, it is not recommended. This is the student's time to experience the cultural, historical and theatrical opportunities in the surrounding cities of Lancaster, Harrisburg, Hershey, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and New York, serve in the local church, and to spend time in study and class work preparation.

SSC will organize at least one trip to New York to see notable performances that are otherwise unavailable locally. SSC students will also have access to discounts for many local performing arts venues. At the end of the second semester, students will have the opportunity to publicly perform their final projects in a showcase setting.

Students' experience at SSC will be somewhat similar but also distinctively different from students at a typical college level program. There will certainly be theoretical classroom discussions, some papers to write, and practical exercises. However, the focus of SSC is not only to educate students, but to train performers. Our passion is for students to not only know what to do, but to be able to do it with proficiency at a professional level; striving always to interact graciously with their peers, and to lead with integrity and wisdom. So whether students feel called to a career in the world of arts and entertainment, or to work in existing Christ centered theatre, minister through creative arts in the Church, or even pioneer a work of their own, SSC exists to provide students the training that can lead to lifelong fulfillment both professionally and personally.

Program Length

The 50 week program will consist of two semesters, each twenty-five weeks in length. Each week will schedule approximately 50 clock hours of course study. The total program will consist of 2483 clock hours of instruction.